python-lottie  0.7.0+dev418bd09
A framework to work with lottie files and telegram animated stickers (tgs)
lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, text, Logger logger)
def next (self)
def token (self)
def color (self)
def get_color_value (self, value, str complete_word)
def complete_color (self, dict word_dict, str complete_word)
def get_color (self, dict word_dict, str complete_word)
def warn (self, message)
def parse (self)
def article (self)
def check_words (self, *words)
def skip_words (self, *words)
def require_one_of (self, *words)
def check_word_sequence (self, words)
def possesive (self)
def properties (self, shape_data, callback, callback_args=[], words=["with"])
def simple_properties_callback (self, object, properties)
def animation (self)
def time (self, default)
def integer (self, default, warn=True)
def number (self, default)
def string (self, default)
def layers (self, composition)
def count (self, default=1)
def layer (self, composition)
def skip_and (self)
def shape_list (self, parent)
def size_qualifier (self)
def size_multiplitier (self)
def add_shape (self, parent, shape_object, shape_data)
def position (self, shapes.Group shape, float time)
def animation_time (self, time, required)
def animated_properties (self, ShapeData shape_data)
def animated_property_value (self, AnimatableProperty property, time)
def animated_property (self, ShapeData shape_data, AnimatableProperty property, time)
def vector_value (self)
def position_value (self, NVector start)
def shape_common_property (self, ShapeData shape_data)
def animated_properties_callback (self, ShapeData shape_data)
def shape_square (self, ShapeData shape_data)
def shape_circle (self, ShapeData shape_data)
def shape_star (self, ShapeData shape_data, int sides=None)
def shape_polygon (self, ShapeData shape_data, int sides=None)
def angle_direction (self)
def fraction (self)
def angle (self, default)
def rect_properties (self, ShapeData shape_data, shape)
def shape_rectangle (self, ShapeData shape_data)
def shape_ellipse (self, ShapeData shape_data)
def shape_text (self, ShapeData shape_data)

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

dictionary sides

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.__init__ (   self,
Logger  logger 

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Member Function Documentation

◆ add_shape()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.add_shape (   self,

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◆ angle()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.angle (   self,

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◆ angle_direction()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.angle_direction (   self)

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◆ animated_properties()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.animated_properties (   self,
ShapeData  shape_data 

Definition at line 958 of file

◆ animated_properties_callback()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.animated_properties_callback (   self,
ShapeData  shape_data 

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◆ animated_property()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.animated_property (   self,
ShapeData  shape_data,
AnimatableProperty  property,

Definition at line 1028 of file

◆ animated_property_value()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.animated_property_value (   self,
AnimatableProperty  property,

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◆ animation()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.animation (   self)

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◆ animation_time()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.animation_time (   self,

Definition at line 945 of file

◆ article()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.article (   self)

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◆ check_word_sequence()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.check_word_sequence (   self,

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◆ check_words()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.check_words (   self,

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◆ color()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.color (   self)

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◆ complete_color()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.complete_color (   self,
dict  word_dict,
str  complete_word 

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◆ count()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.count (   self,
  default = 1 

Definition at line 677 of file

◆ fraction()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.fraction (   self)

Definition at line 1184 of file

◆ get_color()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.get_color (   self,
dict  word_dict,
str  complete_word 

Definition at line 457 of file

◆ get_color_value()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.get_color_value (   self,
str  complete_word 

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◆ integer()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.integer (   self,
  warn = True 

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◆ layer()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.layer (   self,

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◆ layers()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.layers (   self,

Definition at line 654 of file

◆ next()

def (   self)

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◆ number()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.number (   self,

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◆ parse()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.parse (   self)

Definition at line 488 of file

◆ position()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.position (   self,
shapes.Group  shape,
float  time 

Definition at line 882 of file

◆ position_value()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.position_value (   self,
NVector  start 

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◆ possesive()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.possesive (   self)

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◆ properties()

def (   self,
  callback_args = [],
  words = ["with"] 

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◆ rect_properties()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.rect_properties (   self,
ShapeData  shape_data,

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◆ require_one_of()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.require_one_of (   self,

Definition at line 519 of file

◆ shape_circle()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.shape_circle (   self,
ShapeData  shape_data 

Definition at line 1119 of file

◆ shape_common_property()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.shape_common_property (   self,
ShapeData  shape_data 

Definition at line 1072 of file

◆ shape_ellipse()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.shape_ellipse (   self,
ShapeData  shape_data 

Definition at line 1301 of file

◆ shape_list()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.shape_list (   self,

Definition at line 704 of file

◆ shape_polygon()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.shape_polygon (   self,
ShapeData  shape_data,
int   sides = None 

Definition at line 1166 of file

◆ shape_rectangle()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.shape_rectangle (   self,
ShapeData  shape_data 

Definition at line 1292 of file

◆ shape_square()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.shape_square (   self,
ShapeData  shape_data 

Definition at line 1109 of file

◆ shape_star()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.shape_star (   self,
ShapeData  shape_data,
int   sides = None 

Definition at line 1128 of file

◆ shape_text()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.shape_text (   self,
ShapeData  shape_data 

Definition at line 1307 of file

◆ simple_properties_callback()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.simple_properties_callback (   self,

Definition at line 566 of file

◆ size_multiplitier()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.size_multiplitier (   self)

Definition at line 824 of file

◆ size_qualifier()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.size_qualifier (   self)

Definition at line 806 of file

◆ skip_and()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.skip_and (   self)

Definition at line 697 of file

◆ skip_words()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.skip_words (   self,

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◆ string()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.string (   self,

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◆ time()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.time (   self,

Definition at line 606 of file

◆ token()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.token (   self)

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◆ vector_value()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.vector_value (   self)

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◆ warn()

def lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.warn (   self,

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Member Data Documentation

◆ allow_resize


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◆ font


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◆ lexer


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◆ logger


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◆ lottie


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◆ max_duration


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◆ prop_time


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◆ sides

dictionary lottie.utils.funky_parser.Parser.sides
Initial value:
= {
"penta": 5,
"hexa": 6,
"hepta": 7,
"octa": 8,
"ennea": 9,
"deca": 10,

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◆ svg_shapes


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