python-lottie  0.6.11+deved4e6c7
A framework to work with lottie files and telegram animated stickers (tgs)
lottie.utils.font._SystemFontList Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
def load (self)
def cmd (self, *a)
def load_fc_list (self)
def best (self, query)
 Returns the renderer best matching the name. More...
def all (self, query)
 Yields all the renderers matching a query. More...
def default (self)
 Returns the default fornt renderer. More...
def __getitem__ (self, key)
def __iter__ (self)
def keys (self)
def __contains__ (self, item)

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def lottie.utils.font._SystemFontList.__init__ (   self)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ __contains__()

def lottie.utils.font._SystemFontList.__contains__ (   self,

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◆ __getitem__()

def lottie.utils.font._SystemFontList.__getitem__ (   self,

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◆ __iter__()

def lottie.utils.font._SystemFontList.__iter__ (   self)

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◆ all()

def lottie.utils.font._SystemFontList.all (   self,

Yields all the renderers matching a query.

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◆ best()

def (   self,

Returns the renderer best matching the name.

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◆ cmd()

def lottie.utils.font._SystemFontList.cmd (   self,

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◆ default()

def lottie.utils.font._SystemFontList.default (   self)

Returns the default fornt renderer.

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◆ keys()

def lottie.utils.font._SystemFontList.keys (   self)

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◆ load()

def lottie.utils.font._SystemFontList.load (   self)

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◆ load_fc_list()

def lottie.utils.font._SystemFontList.load_fc_list (   self)

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Member Data Documentation

◆ fonts


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