python-lottie  0.6.11+deved4e6c7
A framework to work with lottie files and telegram animated stickers (tgs)
lottie.utils.font.FontShape Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, text="", query="", size=64, justify=TextJustify.Left)
def query_string (self)
def query_string (self, v)
def bounding_box (self, time=0)
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def __init__ (self)
def load (cls, lottiedict)
 Loads from a JSON object. More...
def clone (self)
 Returns a copy of the object. More...
def to_dict (self)
 Serializes into a JSON object fit for the Lottie format. More...
def refresh (self)
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def find (self, search, propname="name")
 Recursively searches for child objects with a matching property. More...
def find_all (self, type, predicate=None, include_self=True)
 Find all child objects that match a predicate. More...
def clone_into (self, other)
def __str__ (self)
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def __new__ (cls, name, bases, attr)

Public Attributes

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Static Public Attributes

 wrapped_lottie = Group
 query = _propfac("query")
 size = _propfac("size")
 justify = _propfac("justify")
 position = _propfac("position")
- Static Public Attributes inherited from lottie.objects.base.CustomObject
 wrapped_lottie = LottieObject

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def lottie.utils.font.FontShape.__init__ (   self,
  text = "",
  query = "",
  size = 64,
  justify = TextJustify.Left 

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Member Function Documentation

◆ bounding_box()

def lottie.utils.font.FontShape.bounding_box (   self,
  time = 0 

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◆ query_string() [1/2]

def lottie.utils.font.FontShape.query_string (   self)

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◆ query_string() [2/2]

def lottie.utils.font.FontShape.query_string (   self,

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Member Data Documentation

◆ hidden


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◆ justify

lottie.utils.font.FontShape.justify = _propfac("justify")

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◆ line_height


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◆ position

lottie.utils.font.FontShape.position = _propfac("position")

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◆ query

lottie.utils.font.FontShape.query = _propfac("query")

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◆ size

lottie.utils.font.FontShape.size = _propfac("size")

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◆ style

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◆ text


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◆ wrapped_lottie

lottie.utils.font.FontShape.wrapped_lottie = Group

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