python-lottie  0.6.11+devc144cca
A framework to work with lottie files and telegram animated stickers (tgs)
lottie.parsers.sif.sif.nodes.Canvas Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, **kw)
def to_xml (self)
def from_xml_file (cls, xml)
def from_xml_string (cls, xml)
def from_xml (cls, minidom.Document xml)
def from_dom (cls, minidom.Element xml, ObjectRegistry registry=None)
def time_to_frames (self, FrameTime time)
def add_layer (self, Layer layer)
def make_color (self, r, g, b, a=1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from lottie.parsers.sif.sif.nodes.SifNode
def __setattr__ (self, name, value)
def to_dom (self, minidom.Document dom)
- Public Member Functions inherited from lottie.parsers.sif.sif.core.SifNodeMeta
def __new__ (cls, name, bases, attr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from lottie.parsers.sif.sif.core.ObjectRegistry
def __init__ (self)
def register_as (self, object, key)
def register (self, object)
def guid (cls)
def get_object (self, guid)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from lottie.parsers.sif.sif.nodes.SifNode
def static_from_dom (cls, minidom.Element xml, ObjectRegistry registry)
- Public Attributes inherited from lottie.parsers.sif.sif.core.ObjectRegistry

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1072 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def lottie.parsers.sif.sif.nodes.Canvas.__init__ (   self,
**  kw 

Reimplemented from lottie.parsers.sif.sif.nodes.SifNode.

Definition at line 1110 of file

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_layer()

def lottie.parsers.sif.sif.nodes.Canvas.add_layer (   self,
Layer  layer 

Definition at line 1149 of file

◆ from_dom()

def lottie.parsers.sif.sif.nodes.Canvas.from_dom (   cls,
minidom.Element  xml,
ObjectRegistry   registry = None 

Reimplemented from lottie.parsers.sif.sif.nodes.SifNode.

Definition at line 1137 of file

◆ from_xml()

def lottie.parsers.sif.sif.nodes.Canvas.from_xml (   cls,
minidom.Document  xml 

Definition at line 1131 of file

◆ from_xml_file()

def lottie.parsers.sif.sif.nodes.Canvas.from_xml_file (   cls,

Definition at line 1120 of file

◆ from_xml_string()

def lottie.parsers.sif.sif.nodes.Canvas.from_xml_string (   cls,

Definition at line 1127 of file

◆ make_color()

def lottie.parsers.sif.sif.nodes.Canvas.make_color (   self,
  a = 1 
Applies Gamma to the rgb values

Definition at line 1153 of file

◆ time_to_frames()

def lottie.parsers.sif.sif.nodes.Canvas.time_to_frames (   self,
FrameTime  time 

Definition at line 1143 of file

◆ to_xml()

def lottie.parsers.sif.sif.nodes.Canvas.to_xml (   self)

Definition at line 1114 of file

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