Color Widgets

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This widget allow the user to select 2 HSV color components at the same time, by default that is Saturation and Value but they can be changed.



This is a dialog analogous to QColorDialog but with a much nicer and friendlier user interface. It uses several of the other widgets.


ColorLineEdit ColorLineEdit with color preview

This is a QLineEdit intended to be used to edit and display color names. It accepts several string formats:

  • #f00 (3 hexadecimal rgb digits)
  • #ff0000 (6 hexadecimal rgb digits)
  • rgb(255,0,0) (function-like)
  • red (color name)

It can optionally display the color it represents on its background.



It allows to display and edit a list of colors.

ColorPaletteWidget and Swatch

These widgets handle color palettes.


Swatch only handles a single palette, can be used to just select colors from the palette or to modify the palette via drag and drop operations.

ColorPaletteModel is a list model that represents palettes with can be used with the Qt item view widgets, it provides a name and a preview icon for each of the stored palettes. It also has functionality to load and save palettes from the filesystem.

Read-only ColorPaletteWidget ColorPaletteWidget

ColorPaletteWidget manages a list of palettes (via ColorPaletteModel). Has two modes: read-only only allows to select palettes and colors, otherwise it can be used to modify the list of palettes and the palette itself.

ColorPreview and ColorSelector


ColorPreview is a widget that displays a color or compares two colors.

ColorSelector is like ColorPreview but when clicked it shows a ColorDialog.

GradientSlider and HueSlider


GradientSlider is a QSlider which uses a gradient as its background.

HueSlider is specifically made to select a hue and has more information about the represented color.



GradientEditor is similar in appearance to GradientSlider but it's for editing the gradient.

GradientListModel and GradientDelegate

GradientListModel GradientListModel

GradientListModel is a QAbstractListModel used to list gradients (useful for combo boxes, item views and the like).

GradientDelegate is an item delegate to edit gradients in an item view.